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Tours in North-East

Do not miss

Cataratas de Iguazù
The northeast is a world of water that flows continuously, and slowly turns into rivers, streams, droplets of water suspended, even in fog and steam, to once again become pure water. The northeast is a world of light and color games with forest, mixed with water reflecting the blue-green colors that blend with the reddish earth, a world full of fluttering butterflies and flowers. The north-east is the land of the Guarani and their history. The northeast is a primitive world and superfine, where stands the power of nature and its ancestral guardians.

All wonders of Misiones Iguazu – Guarani communities – Moconá – the jesuitics Missions in Argentina and Paraguay.​ 8 days
The best of Misiones The mission of San Ignacio Miní – Iguazu and the Guaraní communities 3 days

The hidden corners

Our suggestions for touring the region “water” go beyond the most known places. Where the waters sparkle of life (Iberà means “bright water” in the Guarani language): plants that between the abundance of water and the warm climate of regeneration in continuation; animals are easy to spot, alligators (Jacare), tapirs, deer and birds to no end. An expanse of life wet, and then the gauchos, folklore … red sunsets, the calm of the evening…

The Iberà marsh Colonia Pellegrini and the Natural Reserv of Iberá 4 days
Corrientes Chavarría A traditional village, between water and folklore 4 days
El Cachapé farm Resistencia – El Cachape – Resistencia 4 days