Responsible tourism in Argentina and Chile
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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How can I be a responsible tourist?

Isn’t easy be a responsible tourist, but worths the effort!
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  1. Think about the motives of the trip. Travel with genuine desire to learn more about the people of your host country.
  2. Acquaint yourself with local customs and be aware of the feelings of other people, thus preventing what might be intrusive behavior on your part.
  3. Your pre-trip research can be continued by asking questions while you’re there.
  4. Any attempt to learn even a few words of the local language will make this a more rewarding experience for all involved.
  5. Inquire about local culture, heritage and natural surroundings.
  6. Ask travel agencies about the impact your trip might have on the environment, the local economy and local culture.
  7. Think about the type of interaction you expect with local communities and the environment.
  8. Ask how local people will benefit financially from your trip.

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  1. Establish good relations between the local community and your country.
  2. Talk with the locals. Learn about the area’s history.
  3. Contribute to he community’s economic growth by buying local handicrafts and products. Buy and eat locally produced food. Use local transportation.
  4. Don\’t treat people as part of the landscape. Ask permission before photographing them, because they may not want their pictures taken. espect their wishes.
  5. Ensure that your behavior has no impact on the natural environment. Avoid picking flowers, removing seeds, damaging coral or even buying souvenirs such as shells and skins.
  6. Accept, adapt and do not disturb local festivities and customs.
  7. Watch your dress and behavior, and display respect for the place and its people.
  8. Respect silence in protected areas, and hear the sounds of nature.
  9. Use natural resources sparingly.
  10. Don’t throw litter on the ground. Use wastebaskets.



  1. Consider the relationships you made during the trip and try to preserve them.
  2. Share your experience with others.
  3. Take advantage of the knowledge and insights you learned about other cultures.
  4. Incorporate these new attitudes into your daily life.