Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Tours in Argentina


“Finally, an emotion, finally Patagonia”, so that our traveler reacted in the face of this earth, vast, desolate and beautiful, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Andes, it lies on the boundary between the glaciers and the steppe; penguins, whales, gray trunks of the trees, the monkey-puzzle … the remains of dinosaurs and petrified woods, in short, a dream, a desire that turns into reality: a trip to Patagonia!

Buenos Aires

Visitors from 360 ° through the city like a Porteño (as they are called in Argentina the inhabitants of Buenos Aires) in a good mood that day rolls his eyes and turns his city. So discover diverse styles of buildings, flashes of light between the roofs, the faces of the people, the sulks and smiles, merchandise stalls or shops of luxury. Do not sit on a private bus aseptic and insulating.


This is a land characterized by the colors, water and dust resistant, strong flavors, especially the faces and personalities of different ethnic groups, rich of their ancestral culture and spirituality of a strong and wise. The landscape, the climate, the faces of people totally change in nearly 2000 miles to the west of Buenos Aires.


The northeast is a world of water that flows continuously, and slowly turns into rivers, streams, droplets of water suspended, even in fog and steam, to once again become pure water. The northeast is a world of light and color games with forest, mixed with water reflecting the blue-green colors that blend with the reddish earth, a world full of fluttering butterflies and flowers. The north-east is the land of the Guarani and their history.